Open Enrollment

Picking your benefits only happens once a year.

Make it count.

Hop on a 30 minute call with us, and we will help you select the best plan for you and your family. 


Lightning Fast

All we need is 30 minutes. Your Open Enrollment Specialist researches your benefit plan and needs before the call, so we can make the most of your time. We're your decision support team. 


Fully Personalized

When you schedule an appointment, we ask you to fill out a detailed Intake Form discussing your current medications, physicians, and any upcoming life events or surgeries. Every call is unique.



After a quick call with us, you'll be ready to select all your employer-sponsored benefits (not just medical!). We always follow up with a summary of the call and your suggested selections. 


Completely Free

What more can we say? This custom consultation costs you and your family absolutely nothing. Thank your awesome employer for paying for TouchCare.


Total Benefit Support

Selecting a medical plan is just the beginning. We can give you advice on all of your employer-sponsored benefits (think: FSAs, HSAs, Life Insurance, etc.).


White Glove Service

These 30 minutes are for you. Please feel free to ask us any questions you might have. If we don't know the answer on the spot, we'll get back to you with a fully researched answer.

Selecting your benefits doesn't need to be hard.   

We created the Open Enrollment Consultation to give you peace of mind. Your healthcare needs aren't exactly the same as those of your colleagues -- and your benefit selection shouldn't be either. The Open Enrollment Consultation is designed to give you the chance to ask questions specific to you and your family's situation.

How do we help? First, you fill out an intake form, letting us know all your detailed healthcare needs. Then, our dedicated team schedules a convenient time with you to review your concerns and pick the right insurance plan.  

FSA, HSA, HRA...Do these acronyms make your head spin? TouchCare can explain these in plain English. Understanding how to use these benefits effectively translates to real savings. We're here to help you get the most out of your employer-sponsored benefits -- and save money in the process. 

How does it work?  

1. You fill out an intake form detailing your and your family's specific needs. All information is confidential and never shared with your employer. You find a convenient time to speak with a licensed Open Enrollment Specialist. 

2. During your 30-minute appointment, your Specialist walks you through your employer-sponsored benefits and discusses your specific needs. Your Specialist helps you select a medical plan, as well as advises on all ancillary benefits.

3. You receive a detailed summary of the call, along with any answers to questions that were not resolved on the call. Your plan recommendation is clearly outlined.

4. You enroll in your benefits! (Please note that you still need to select your benefits through your employer.)

This service is fantastic. I hate how confusing all of this is. I had NO IDEA what plan to pick because I had some complicated health things coming up. In 30 minutes, TouchCare helped me talk through what I needed and explained how I could save HUNDREDS of dollars with an FSA. Very glad I talked to them. 

Rachel Davies

Austin, TX


Try it Out

The healthcare system is complicated, but selecting your benefits doesn't have to be. TouchCare created the Open Enrollment Consultation to make your life a little bit easier. We want you to feel confident that you picked the best plan for you and your family. 

All it takes is 30 minutes.

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