Connect with world-renowned experts from major cancer centers to treat cancer with confidence.


CancerCare is like having a top oncologist in the family. 

CancerCare gives you VIP access. It's as if you have the phone number of an expert oncologist, known for treatment success and cutting edge research, programmed into your phone. 


Best in Class

An All Star team, working for you. Educated cancer patients receive better care. 

CancerCare works with top oncologists in every speciality type. In order to ensure we are properly vetting the top cancer experts into our network,TouchCare partners with Cancer Expert Now (CEN). Members receive the most accurate and up-to-date information, backed by CEN's close collaboration with elite Medical and Educational Advisory Boards from hospitals like Memorial Sloan Kettering and the University of Chicago. 



Education, personalized for the patient, produces the best outcomes. 

Our live, doctor-to-patient sessions and text message conversations minimize the fear around a cancer diagnosis. We give members the opportunity to ask real questions in an un-rushed format. Oncologists help members understand the full spectrum of treatment options and what to expect during office visits. This type of virtual exchange facilitates better choices and leads to better decisions. 



To deliver the best possible help to our members, we are obsessed with quality.

We ensure that the member experience is not only of the highest standard, but also that the technology is simple to use and easy to manage. Beyond a consult with an oncologist, our team of Health Assistants are here to help our members with all questions related to insurance coverage. We help negotiate tricky claims and navigate prescription drug coverage. We treat all members like a member of our family. 



Cancer doesn't impact just one person. 

Cancer impacts a whole family and can even impact an entire company. When a diagnosis comes, are you and your employees prepared?

TouchCare has teamed up with Cancer Expert Now to give your employees personalized guidance throughout their cancer journey. Learn how we work with caring companies.Free Demo


Better Prevention 

CancerCare's comprehensive, world-class screening and prevention program is designed by Dr. Bernard Levin, the Vice President of the division of Cancer Prevention at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Early prevention and detection is the most cost-effective and comfortable way to manage cancer.

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Easy to Use

CancerCare utilizes live video sessions to easily communicate with leading researchers and practicing oncologists.

After your initial appointment, you can utilize our HIPAA compliant, text messaging platform for quick questions and follow up discussions.

Our portal allows you to store all relevant documents.


Lower Cost

Expert-enhanced decision making leads to optimal use of expensive cancer tests and treatments. We aim to reduce over testing, repeat testing, and over treatment

CancerCare aims to give patients the confidence to be treated at a local hospital - decreasing out-of-pocket expenses and increasing patient comfort. 

Impact On Our Members

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is life-changing. CancerCare gives you and your family access to personalized, expert guidance throughout the clinical decision making process. 

Paul Evansjpeg.jpeg

Andrew McCain

"Getting on the video call was really straightforward and easy. I'm not the most tech savvy person, and I hate it when I have to figure out something complicated when I'm not at my best."

Andrew Chang.jpeg

Andrew Chang

"The doctor spoke to me in plain English. I could tell she made an effort to reformat my complex diagnosis in a way I could understand and remember the information.

When the bills began to pile up, my dedicated Health Assistant helped me know which ones to pay and which ones to negotiate. I don't know what I would have done without Seth over at TouchCare."

Jessica Sherman.jpeg

Amy Sherman

"I had just put the boys to bed when a phone call from the doctor came in. Instantly my world turned upside down.

Lucky for us, we were connected to CancerCare. Through them, one of the most distinguished oncologists treating kidney cancer was able to speak through what tests to expect and treatments options."

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